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Ideal for Small Businesses

SSL secures your website and boosts confidence in your visitors. While SSL security is essential for many websites, it doesn't have to be expensive. GlobalSign AlphaSSL allows you to display the yellow padlock (signifying a secure browser to web site connection) in all popular browsers and mobile devices but without a high cost. AlphaSSL Certificates are ideal for entry-level websites, such as blogs, community groups, and home businesses.

Key Features

  • Extremely fast issuance time (under 5 minutes)
  • Compatible with domains registered or hosted at, as well as anywhere else
  • No paperwork needed
  • 256 bit encryption (as strong as it gets)
  • 2048 bit future proof SSL Certificates
  • Universal compatibility with all browsers and devices
  • Clickable site seal
  • Multi-year savings
  • Starting at just $30.00/year


  • Hosted domain
  • Certificate Signing Request (CSR) - typically available from your domain host

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Multi-year Savings

  • 1 year$35.00/year
  • 2 year$30.00/year

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