A Crash Course In Using Your Internic.ca Account

Using a Internic.ca account

If you're reading this, you might be new to Internic.ca – in that case, welcome aboard! We've built a lot of useful tools to help you manage your domains, hosting, SSL and more. We've also set up easy ways to keep your account up-to-date and functioning just the way you want.

You can find all of our tools and your account settings by visiting the My Account page. We've designed all of these tools to scale, enabling you to manage your domain portfolio easily, whether you have 1 or 1,000.

Management Tools

Let's start with a description of the tools:

Domain Manager

The Domain Manager allows you to review all of your domains at a high level. You can immediately see the most relevant details: expiration date, status, DNS settings, toggles for registrar lock, hosting and SSL. You can change the settings with the toggles, by selecting one or more domains and selecting "edit", or by clicking on the listed domain and going to the Domain Details page. If you have more than 5 domains in your Domain Manager, you can collapse them by clicking on the arrow symbol next to 'Add Ons'.

To help keep your portfolio organized, you can use folders and tags to group your domains into similar categories or applications. You can also sort your domains by various criteria, use our search field to find a specific domain by name, or export your full portfolio details in Excel or .CSV format.

The Domain Manager is our most comprehensive tool, and allows you to quickly interact with and modify your domains.

Hosting Manager

The Hosting Manager is a simplified way to review your Hosting Packages, including package details such as bandwidth, diskspace, and email accounts. You can also view your monthly usage statistics, edit your package (including upgrading it), log in to our HostingOS, or cancel your hosting package. The Hosting Manager serves as a snapshot of your hosting packages and is especially useful for multiple hosted domains.

SSL Manager

The SSL Manager provides a similar overview for your SSL Certificates, giving details such as type, expiry, status, download options and renewals. You can also view your complete SSL Certificate details by clicking on the SSL-certified domain name.

Transfer Manager

The Transfer Manager allows you to review and interact with all of your pending and current transfers. Any domains that are being transferred to your account will be located here for monitoring and updating. Similar to the Domain Manager, you can also search for a specific domain or export transferring domain details. For more information about domain transfers, check out our FAQ here.

Contact Manager

The Contact Manager enables you to add and delete contact profiles for fast WHOIS setup when registering domains. You can select these profiles when registering a domain for the domain administrator, registrant and technical contact. These contacts can also be assigned as folder defaults to quickly assign WHOIS contact combinations to new domains.

Customizing Your Account

Complimentary to these tools are your account settings and preferences:

Account Settings

The Account Settings page allows you to review and edit your account details, such as contact and credit card information, notification settings and account credit information.

Login Settings

This is where you can change your Login Settings – username, password and security questions.


The Subscriptions page lists your current active subscription-based services, such as hosting or email packages.

Billing History

We keep a detailed Billing History, which you can browse, print and export. To see more of your billing history, simply adjust the date range in your Advanced Search. For more information about payment and billing, take a look at our FAQ here.

Helping You Make the Most of Your Domains

By familiarizing yourself with these tools and settings, you will be able to use the full range of functionality that we offer at Internic.ca. You can send us your feedback, comments or questions at any time by visiting our Support Center.

For more information regarding the use of your account, please click here for a list of our FAQ articles.

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