What services can I use with my domain?

What domain services to use

Disclaimer: These are third-party services, and we cannot be responsible or in any way liable for their performance, or lack thereof. Furthermore, we cannot provide support for these services – support must instead come from the service provider.

If you've registered one or more domains, and are looking for a way to use your custom domain to build a small-scale, specialized website, there are some third-party services that may help you accomplish this – and some are even free. We’re proud of our hosting service, and we believe it delivers quality and flexibility at an affordable price, but you may find that one of these suits your specific needs well. These services don’t include email, but you can still use our email hosting package and any of these services without issue.


As mentioned in our articles on social media, Tumblr can be used in conjunction with your site as a blogging platform. However, if all you need for a website is a simple, media-rich blog, then Tumblr may fulfil all that your site needs. You can use Tumblr as your whole site by setting up your Tumblr, then follow these instructions to configure your DNS.


  • Completely free
  • Many customizable themes
  • Social functionality
  • Great app


  • Really limited to being a blog platform
  • Cannot edit HTML
  • Advanced customizing requires knowledge of CSS


Shopify is a fast-growing e-commerce platform, and a great way to get an online store setup. Shopify works on a monthly fee basis, and a percentage of all revenue: but it handles the payment processing, tax and most other “hassles” that come with setting up an online store. Shopify is great for small or one-person businesses, and can also operate as a sub-domain of a bigger website.


  • Makes setting up an online store easy
  • Many customizable themes and website CMS
  • App integration
  • Can build a full website
  • Customizable HTML and CSS


  • Monthly fee
  • Ongoing percentage of revenue fee
  • Overall: more costly most hosting options, and doesn’t include email


GitHub is a popular website and platform for developers to share complete works, or just snippets, of code. Although the scope of GitHub is very narrow, it’s a great platform for developers to use as a portfolio site. Once you’ve setup your GitHub, you can follow these instructions to use it with your own domain.


  • Free for open code projects
  • Great for developers
  • Large community of users


  • Narrow focus and range of use
  • Only free for open code projects


Cargo is a website publishing platform designed for artists and visual designers. It uses simple, minimal layouts to focus on the work. For artists, it’s a great way to host your work or portfolio. However, it does require application to use.


  • Free
  • Great for artists
  • Strong participant community


  • Artists-only
  • Requires application

The internet is still rapidly growing, and the types of services that work with domains will continue to expand. These third-party services might help you accomplish what your online goals, which is what we’d like you to get out of your domains. But we’re also confident that our hosting package can accomplish a wide variety of goals. Any way you choose to proceed: we’ll do our best to help you out.

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