Internic Domain Brokerage

Is the domain you want taken? It can still be yours.

Don’t get just any domain. Get the right domain.

1. Get in touch
Reach out to our brokerage team and tell us about the domain that interests you.

2. Set your budget
Before we contact the current domain owner, we help you establish your maximum spend to get the domain you want. If the domain is for sale, we negotiate the lowest possible price on your behalf.

3. Seal the deal
We securely manage the exchange of funds and transition of ownership. Internic notifies you when the domain is in your account.

Internic’s brokers can help you get domains that are owned by someone else

Private & Secure
We keep your identity anonymous throughout the process.
Strategic Advantage
Our contacts, tactics and negotiation skills will help you get the domain you want.
Save Time
Buying domains can be time consuming – let our experts do all the heavy lifting for you.
Save Money
We know the value of every domain and will negotiate a fair price for you.

Meet your domain brokerage expert

When you drop us a line to get your domain, who is on the other side?
Meet Donald, Domain Broker
When Donald’s not brokering epic domain deals, he’s cheering on the Ottawa Senators and Redblacks while enjoying some craft beer from the comfort of his couch.

Fun facts: Donald once met LL Cool J in New York. Donald likes to think they became fast friends. They didn’t.

Frequently asked questions

Once I own the domain, will I have to pay this price every year?
Not exactly. Classic domains like .com’s will renew at the standard rate. Newer gTLDs, on the other hand, can renew at higher rates. It’s best to ask one of our brokers to understand your future costs.
Will my identity and privacy be kept safe?
Yes – we’re committed to protecting you and your privacy. You can read more about our privacy policy here.
How do I pay for the domain?
Wire transfers are the payment method accepted for brokerage services.
How long does the process take?
Each sales cycle varies, depending on how motivated and responsive the buyer and seller are. If the seller is unresponsive after a period of 30 days from the initial inquiry, we close the opportunity.
Am I guaranteed to get the domain I want?
No – sellers can decline to sell their domains, but you can rest assured that we do everything we can to acquire the domain on your behalf.