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Prestige Services

As Canada’s first registrar, Internic.ca has a long history of providing strategic guidance and support to many of Canada’s biggest organizations.

Without proper domain strategy and management, your web presence can fall behind or even be compromised by brand hijackers and domain squatters. Internic.ca is dedicated to providing you with leading-edge domain savvy and management, allowing you to focus on your core competencies and stay ahead of the competition.

Benefits of our Prestige Services

Dedicated Account Support
Our National Corporate Accounts Manager is readily available and easily accessible by phone or email to help with your domain management requirements.
Brand Protection
Without regularly assessing your domain portfolio and evaluating your Top Level Domain (TLD) coverage, your online brand could be at risk. We help you to acquire and manage the domains that define your organization’s products and services to keep your brand ubiquitous and in your control.
Portfolio Management
Keep your domains organized and functional – we assure that your portfolio stays in top shape.
TLD Advisory
With the imminent explosion of new TLDs, 2013 will mark the largest expansion the Internet has ever seen. With Internic.ca’s superior industry knowledge, we can help you decide on which ones best suit your corporate brand and work with you to help secure those domains quickly and efficiently.
Customizable Billing
We offer customized invoicing terms that work best with your organization’s accounting needs. From purchase order setup to secure credit card transactions, we are flexible with your preferred payment method.

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Taryn Manias Director, National Corporate Accounts taryn@internic.ca T 1.613.797.2115