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Secure and Convenient Payment

Internic.ca uses the latest online security features so you can rest assured that all your transactions will be encrypted, quick and secure when you use your credit card for payments.

Preferred Methods of Payment

Credit card is the fastest method of payment for processing your transactions. We accept:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express

Alternate Methods of Payment

In lieu of credit card, we also accepted cheque, money order and certified cheque. If you choose one of these methods of payment, please follow the steps located below:

  1. Complete the registration process online until you arrive at the Order Summary page
  2. Print off two copies of the Order Summary page; one for your records and one to accompany payment.
  3. Mail a copy of the Order Summary page, along with your choice of payment, made payable to Internic.ca at the following address:

To ensure your registration payment is processed, you must include the Manual Administration fee as follows:

  • Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland/Labrador $28.25 ($25.00 plus $3.25 HST).
  • Prince Edward Island $28.50 ($25.00 plus $3.50 HST).
  • Nova Scotia $28.75 ($25.00 plus $3.75 HST).
  • All other Provinces and Territories $26.25 ($25.00 plus $1.25 GST).

Money orders and certified cheques will be processed upon receipt. Registrations accompanied by cheques will be held 10 business days until the cheque clears.

Wire Transfers for Large Purchases

Any purchase of $10,000 or more requires a wire transfer (in Canadian dollars). We also require an additional $10 processing fee per wire transfer. Below are the details you will need to send your wire payment. Please ensure that you include your Username and Order Number in your wire transfer so we can identify your payment.

Our banking details
Beneficiary Internic - CDN$ Account #111-030-3 Routing #021000021
Beneficiary Bank RBC Royal Bank Transit #00006 Institution #003 Swift ROYCCAT2
Bank Address RBC Royal Bank 90 Sparks Street, Ottawa Ontario, Canada

Once the wire has been initiated, please be sure to notify our accounting department at accounting@internic.ca. Please include your Username and Order Number in the subject line of your notification of payment email to ensure the timely processing of your order. Once the funds are received, your order will be processed.