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New domain extensions
New domain extensions
New domain extensions help you create a name that’s extra snappy, distinctive, and relevant.
Bulk domain search
Bulk domain search
Find and register multiple domains in seconds with a single search.
Transfer a domain
Transfer a domain
If you have a domain name already, you can transfer it to us for better support and service. We’ll even give you a discount.

Choose and register a domain name that works for you.

With Internic, domain registration and setup is easy. Register your domain today, and get back to doing what you do best.
The world trusts .COM for their online presence - .COM was one of the first TLDs introduced for use on the internet back in 1985.
Trusted by millions of people and businesses every day to proudly brand themselves as Canadian online.
.CO is the home for creatives and startups used all over the world and recognized by Google as a global domain extension.
Whether providing a relevant download link, deep linking, sharing screenshots, release notes, or reviews, .app is the place to share your app with the world.
DEV is a secure domain for developers and technology, and a home for all the interesting things that you build.
Use .SUCKS to give critics a space, craft unique marketing initiatives, or simply to protect your brand’s presence online.
A .shop domain is the only domain which is short, memorable and universally understood in languages around the world, helping you to stand out in an ever expanding crowd.
The perfect online home for organizations, companies, clubs, and individuals to communicate about a shared interest, passion or cause.

What is domain name registration?

Claiming a domain name might be the easiest part of getting your website up and running. Find a web address you want (like If it’s available, register it. It’s yours for a yearly fee until you stop renewing it.

We’re here for you.

You’ve got better things to worry about than what's under the hood of your website. Leave it to us. We’re experts in hosting, domains, and the products that support them.

After 21 years in the business, is proud to be a top rated host with an award-winning customer support team that is available. No bouncing around between queues or speaking numbers into a phone – when you call us, one of us answers.
Your one-stop shop
Your one-stop shop
We’re here to keep you running, not running around.
The technology you need
The technology you need
Quick simple tools to power you to the next level.
Award-winning support
Award-winning support
We do what we say we’ll do.

Frequently asked questions

A domain is the name of a website. It takes the place of the technical IP address that points to the website’s precise location on the complex network of computers we call the internet. Domains are connected to IP addresses in much the same way that your cell phone lets you click on your contact, “Mom”, instead of having to enter her phone number.

When someone wants to find you online, they can type your domain name into a web browser and it triggers a quick communication between their computer and the large data bank (server) where your website is stored. It then displays the site’s associated files, images and graphics (we’ll just call it “website content”).

Every domain name is unique and must be registered before you can use it. It has two parts, separated by a dot, like There’s the company name or descriptor word or words that come before the dot, (like “Internic”), and the part that comes after the dot (like “com”), sometimes called a suffix or domain extension. The availability of alternative extensions (called TLDs) can be treated like vanity license plates to help make your domain more expressive, descriptive, or memorable., anyone?

If you own a business, Internic can help you find the perfect domain to represent you. But Internic isn't just about domain names. We've got everything you need to get online. From web hosting to custom design for your website and tools for attracting new traffic, Internic's got you covered.
Buying a domain is as easy as typing a desired name into the search box above. If it’s available, it’s yours to claim. Now, let’s walk through the simple steps in a bit more detail:

1. Decide on the domain extension. Will you stick with a standard and most sought-after .com or go with something more unique like .app, .blog, .store?

2. Think about what you want “before the dot” by playing with your business name, your specialty, or characteristics of your offering. (See more tips below.)

3. Type the domain you want into the search box above. You’ll see instantly if it’s available. You might also consider if there’s something better among the suggested results.

4. When you’re ready to select a winner, add it to your cart and check out. It’s yours! No one else can use it as long as it's registered to you.
The length of commitment for any given domain is up to you. You can choose to pay upfront for several years at a time, or renew it annually before the expiry date. Best of all, with Internic, you’ll never have to worry about domains falling off your radar and expiring unexpectedly. Our tools give you flexibility and peace-of-mind - just keep Auto-Renew on and you’ll never deal with domain renewal again. You can also cancel your domains at any time.
Great question! First, prep yourself for the fact that your first pick might not be available. Finding an alternative can be a struggle but it’s your chance to get strategic and creative. Here are a few things to keep in mind when searching for a good domain:

Make it intuitive. You want your name to stick in people’s minds. So be logical and try choosing a name that says instantly what you’re all about.

Keep it short. Fewer words and letters means less risk of misspelt or mistyped names. Bonus points for making it super easy to remember.

Lean on location. Geographic domain extensions like .quebec, .vegas, . london are ideal for local businesses because customers can see where you are at a glance.

Avoid hyphens and numbers. Ok sure, maybe gets away with using the hyphen, but notice that takes you to the same place. Registering and redirecting any potential spelling variations of your domain (including misspellings) is smart but avoiding any characters that could be misunderstood (is it “5” or “five”?) from the get-go is ideal.
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