Website Security

Protect your business.

With your reputation and revenue at stake, rely on powerful and user-friendly security tools to give you 一and your customers 一peace of mind.

Complete web security blocks threats with 99.99% accuracy

No website is too small to be open to vulnerabilities. In fact, nearly 70 percent of small and medium-sized businesses experience cyberattacks. If you plan to succeed online, having the proper level of website security should be top priority. This includes:
Protecting data in transit
An SSL Certificate encrypts sensitive information and reassures your site’s visitors.
Scanning site for security threats
You’ll be alerted early to the presence of malware and vulnerabilities.
Creating backup copies
Rest easy knowing we’ve got a copy of your site archived if you ever need it.

Protect yourself and your customers online.

Typically used to secure credit card transactions, data transfer, passwords and more, an SSL certificate secures your domain to mitigate risk and boost customer confidence.

Most browsers display a padlock icon or another visual cue with the URL, identifying that it is secured. However if a site doesn’t have SSL, potential customers are warned that it’s “Not Secure”, and will leave and avoid your website.
SSL Certificates

Install it yourself.

SSL is becoming widely adopted, with the little lock icon on display to verify websites are encrypted and trustworthy. That not only adds up to more overall customer confidence about shopping or sharing information online, but helps your site rank better in search engines to keepyou ahead of your competition. While an SSL certificate protects data in transit, it’s not enough to fully protect your website. That’s why additional security is highly recommended.
Website Security

Strike down internet menaces.

Malware, or malicious software, is the name for any kind of computer software with malicious intent. Most online threats are some form of malware. Daily scans help to avoid or remove malware and ensure you’re the first to know if there are any attacks on your website.
Website Backup

Keep your data in your hands.

A website compromise can be a heartbreaking and costly experience. In the event that an attack successfully compromises your site, you need to hit “reset” by erasing and then replacing your data with a backup. The best security plan for your business is a proactive plan that includes automatic backups.
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