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SSL: Enhanced Security For Your Website

SSL certificates are a customized feature that you can integrate with your hosted domain to improve your web security and inspire confidence in your website users. With a range of features and settings suited to any need, SSL certificates are the standard for securing your website.

Our SSL certificates are provided by GlobalSign, one of the longest-standing and most trusted Certificate Authorities (CA). For more information on GlobalSign, visit their website.

What is SSL?

SSL is a transparent protocol, which requires little interaction from the end user when establishing a secure session. For example, in the case of a browser, users are alerted to the presence of SSL when the browser displays a padlock, or in the case of Extended Validation SSL the address bar displays both a padlock and a green bar. This is the key to the success of SSL – it is incredibly simple experience for end users.

As opposed to HTTP URLs which begin with "http://" and use port 80 by default, HTTPS URLs begin with "https://" and use port 443 by default.

HTTP is insecure and is subject to eavesdropping attacks which, if critical information like credit card details and account logins is transmitted and picked up, can let attackers gain access to online accounts and sensitive information. Ensuring data is either sent or posted through the browser using HTTPS, such information is encrypted and secure.

SSL Types

As low as
per year
Small Businesses
1-3 Years Validity
As low as
per year
1-3 Years Validity
Warranty at $10,000
Best Value
As low as
per year
Large Organizations
1-3 Years Validity
Warranty at $100,000
As low as
per year
High-Security Websites
1-2 Years Validity
Warranty at $250,000